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Spiritual Advice
About Mel Charles
Nubian Divinity, guided by intuitive gifts and a passion for the pursuit of answers, is the spiritual haven founded by Mel.
Mel Charles

Rooted in a profound belief that spiritual work is liberation work, Mel draws inspiration from her Haitian heritage, recognizing the profound connection between spirituality and the historical narrative of Haiti.

With a Double Major in Communication and French Literature from the University of Ottawa, a certificate in Diversity and Inclusion from eCornell University, and a Broadcast Journalism Certificate from Seneca at York, Mel seamlessly integrates her professional qualifications into her spiritual practice.

This fusion allows her to be a clear messenger for the Divine, offering insightful readings that bring peace and empowerment to clients.

Mel's commitment to inclusivity extends beyond her spiritual practice. As a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion consultant, she incorporates a lens of inclusivity into every aspect of her craft.


As a first-generation Canadian, she intimately understands the impact of identity on navigating the world, emphasising the importance of transcending darkness through inner strength.

Mel Charles

Mel believes that introspection and self-work are essential tools for fostering a more inclusive and safe society. Her background naturally propels her towards assisting others in recognizing their internal power, enabling them to reach their life's potential.

Within the realm of spiritual sessions, Mel employs a variety of divination tools, working with clients' energies to address questions about love, career, interpersonal and familial relationships, and other aspects of life. Every session is designed to provide clear answers, leaving clients with a renewed trust in their inner compass.

Tarot Reading

Fluent in both English and French, Mel ensures accessibility for a wider audience by offering all sessions and tarot readings in both languages. Additionally, her proficiency in Haitian Kreyol adds a layer of cultural richness to the experience.


Nubian Divinity, through Mel's unique blend of spiritual insight and professional acumen, invites individuals to embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and inclusivity.

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