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Tarot Readings
Nubian Divinity, guided by intuitive gifts and a passion for the pursuit of answers, is the spiritual haven founded by Mel
Tarot Reading
Love Tarot


45 mins

Tarot Reading
Discovery Tarot


90 mins

Tarot Reading
Uncover My Shadow Tarot Reading


90 mins

Tarot Reading
Bare It All - Intuitive Reading


120 mins

Tarot Reading
Couples Tarot-py


120 mins

Kaysie T.

EXCELLENT shadow reading. Melissa is a clear, pure hearted channel. The messages received were not only accurate, but they were delivered with such love and compassion. Though this was a shadow reading and at times shadow messaging is difficult to face, Melissa's disposition was always light and supportive. I have since purchased a reading for my partner and have recommended Melissa to dear friends! You will not be disappointed with the quality and accuracy of these readings. Thank you so much Melissa🌹

Aude M.

I've had a few readings from Melissa so far and am always impressed by the accuracy and how much insight I get from those. Melissa is a very intuitive, knowledgeable and empathetic psychic who knows how to stay truthful while being supportive and empowering. I will definitely book more follow-up sessions, and encourage anyone who is looking for some clarity or guidance to do the same -- she is a gem!

Vivian K.

Talk about a slap in the face with accuracy. As much as these things were not what I wanted to read, they were very true. Reaffirmations of things my intuition was already telling me. Not only was this very detailed, it was not constrained. Energy flows y’all

Tina K.

Very insightful, truthful and accurate. Thank you for this reading.

Kika B.

I had the opportunity to get a reading by Nubian Divinity and I must say I was impressed. Normally this is not something I would have done but I went in with an open mind and I'm glad I did. She took the time to explain everything in a way that made sense to me, and she was also knowledgeable in what she was explaining and making sure I also understood the meaning of everything. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for guidance, you won't be disappointed. I will definitely be referring back to Nubian Divinity for my next reading, highly recommend.

Joshua G.

I recently had a virtual tarot card reading with Nubian Divinity, and it was so enlightening. Mel took the time to understand my concerns and provided thoughtful interpretations of each card, offering practical advice and important points to consider for some decisions that have been stressing me out. I left feeling empowered and better prepared to handle the decision-making as well as the outcomes of those decisions. I highly recommend Nubian Divinity for anyone seeking guidance and clarity in their life journey.

Helen H.

Really enjoyed my reading with Melissa. She provided good guidance and knew exactly where I'm at. Thank you! Will do it again.

Yousef J.

Mel was absolutely wonderful and is truly gifted. Mel was incredibly responsive and timely. All her answers were heartfelt and I truly felt heard. I will absolutely be returning for a future reading!

Corine M.

I sought Nubian Divinity at a time when I was in need of guidance, and I'm really glad I did. She helped me navigate this journey with patience, encouragement and kindness. She showed a lot of discernment during our session. I can honestly say that she helped me to prepare for what was to come. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone seeking some guidance in their life.

Amanda C.

I am so grateful to Mel for sharing her gift with me and offering so much guidance and clarity! My reading was insightful and fun, and I appreciated hearing some hard truths with kindness and compassion. The option to record the session was really helpful too. Thank you again, and I will definitely be back for another reading in the future!

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