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Spiritual Advice
Nubian Divinity, guided by intuitive gifts and a passion for the pursuit of answers, is the spiritual haven founded by Mel
Spiritual Advice

At Nubian Divinity, our executive coaching services cater specifically to Senior Leadership, providing personalised support, self-reflective exercises, and strategies aimed at maintaining psychological safety among direct reports.


Additionally, we offer specialised assistance in committee building and fostering group consensus.

Through our partnership with senior leaders, we facilitate the enhancement of their leadership effectiveness, the cultivation of inclusive environments, and the facilitation of organisational success.


Furthermore, our services are effective in conflict resolution, guiding parties towards mutual understanding and facilitating the restoration of broken professional dynamics.

Spiritual Advice
1. Executive Coaching:

We provide personalised coaching sessions tailored to the unique needs and challenges of senior leaders, offering dedicated one-on-one support in a confidential environment for self-reflection and growth. Together, we collaboratively define clear goals and objectives focused on areas such as leadership development, communication skills, and organisational effectiveness. 


Through facilitated self-reflective exercises, senior leaders engage in a deep exploration of their leadership styles, strengths, and areas for development, fostering a deeper understanding of their impact on organisational culture and performance.

2. Leadership Development:

We support senior leaders in developing key leadership competencies, such as emotional intelligence, strategic thinking, and decision-making skills. Additionally, we assist in succession planning efforts by identifying and developing high-potential leaders within the organisation, ensuring continuity of leadership and organisational resilience. In partnering with senior leaders, we aim to create a culture of excellence and accountability, where high performance and continuous improvement are valued and rewarded.

3. Committee Building and Group Consensus:

We offer assistance in building effective committees and task forces, ensuring diverse representation and expertise to address specific organisational challenges and opportunities.

Our training and coaching in facilitation skills promote productive meetings, encourage participation, and facilitate group consensus. Through facilitated discussions and decision-making processes, we foster group consensus, leveraging techniques such as consensus-building exercises, structured dialogues, and collaborative problem-solving approaches.

Spiritual Advice
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